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Thankful Beyond Words that I Hired Emily

Emily Carrara is an exceptional attorney. She exceeded by far any expectations I imagined during my divorce proceedings. Emily's knowledge and expertise is unbelievably top notch in her field and her compassion, empathy and understanding are what enabled me to 'survive' during this devastating time in my life.
Emily took the time to speak with me and made me feel like a real person whom she genuinely 'cared' about and fought for in order to obtain the best settlement possible for me. I never once felt like a case number or dollar signs in the form of 'billable hours'. Emily is exactly 'the attorney' you want in your corner fighting for you during such a horrendous process and I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is entering into a divorce proceeding. She helped me more than I can explain in words and a settlement that allowed me to move forward and live again.


Excellent QDRO Results

Emily Carrara is to be counted on to deliver results. She is highly competent, trustworthy, collaborative, and yet not afraid to be strong on points that have proper merit. She has an excellent understanding of IL QDRO, significant ability to quickly grasp complex situations and distill them into actionable items for your best interest. My situation was a decade old, required opposing lawyer work, court appearances, multiple 401K company ownership, and of course - emotion. She properly educated herself on all counts, provided accurate assessments and expectations .... delivering results in the end. I would highly recommend Emily Carrara!


An Attorney Who Offers Both Expertise and A Caring Bed-Side Manner

I felt that I was in a David vs Goliath sized legal battle. Thankfully Emily was able to use her legal savoir-faire and integrity to manage my case brilliantly. Emily argued my case using her knowledge of the law winning the decision. I am thankful for having an attorney who is able to never forget that she is working with human beings who are walking through out of the ordinary circumstances. I felt that she genuinely cared not just about the case, but about my circumstances. I recommend Emily Cararra without hesitation.


I Wish I Had Retained Her Years Ago

Emily's advise has been spot on. She has been quick to respond to my emails and has always had availability for an appointment. I wish I would have retained her years ago.


Excellent Representation

I worked with Emily during my divorce. She had my back and was patient with me when my emotions were high. Emily knows her stuff and will be sure that you get what the law provides for. She also seemed to genuinely care about me and my kids which, in a very stressful time, allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend her. You need someone strong and thorough during a divorce.


Great Lawyer, Highly Reccommend

I met with Emily at the end of a 2 year custody battle. It was messy and I was a mess. But I met with Emily and she was comforting about the whole process. She was very thorough with me about what was happening. She didn't beat around the bush and gave it to me straight, but in a way that I could handle the truth. There was a feeling a genuine care while working with Emily. It was a complete difference from the lawyer I had been working with prior to Emily. Although she came in at the end of my case, she was still very persistent and did as much as I believe she really could. I would highly recommend Emily and the firm she works with.


Thank you, Emily

I hired Emily Carrara for my divorce proceedings. In the course of these proceedings, she drafted two QDRO's, one for a pension and one for a supplemental retirement fund. She also wrote a proposed settlement agreement and made herself available to contact and answer questions that my husband had. I believe that her skill, tact, and sensitivity really made the difference in my case. Her advice was sound, my case did not escalate in cost, and my husband and I were able to settle the divorce amicably. Thank you, Emily, for facilitating the resolution of a difficult and potentially contentious process. My case ended as well as it could have.


Excellent Representation

Since the beginning, Emily has been an outstanding support. I have been represented by several lawyers, but once I started working with her it became clear I was at the right office. She has integrity, compassion, empathy and sympathy with a genuine interest at heart for your story. What I like most is that she allows me to give input, and explains the impact of decisions. I can honestly say, I feel comfortable with Emily's representation and trust her. Her staff is always friendly and professional. I highly recommend Emily to represent you in court.


Appellate Work Performed with The Greatest Satisfaction

She handled my appellate work superb with total concentration, thoroughness and dedication to the best result hoped for. I highly recommend her to anybody without reservation.


Great Attorney, Great Friend

Emily handled a complex guardianship matter, with a complex adoption to boot. She kept me focused on the issues and not the drama. She listened to my concerns and worked with my feelings to express things properly. She very knowledgeable and regularly kept me informed of every issue, except when she knew it was procedural and possibly upsetting to me. Great job!!!


A Quality Attorney for Family Law

Emily has been my family law attorney since 2004. She has offered expert advice on child support and college expenses for all three of my children. While I've always felt that Emily's number one priority was to look out for me, her client, she has scruplously followed the law in regard to the amounts I've owed. I recommend her without reservation.