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Dissolution Of Marriage Cases
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Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more at ease you will feel in the process. The first meeting with any divorce attorney is the hardest step in the process. During your first consultation with me, I will walk through each step of the process and give you the knowledge you need to take the next steps.

I believe that it takes a team of individuals to reach the best possible outcomes. By working with Carrara Family Law, LLC, you have access to financial planners, divorce coaches, and a mortgage broker who specializes in divorce situations. My job is to make sure that you have the tools you need to start your new beginnings at the end of my representation. I am compassionate and strong, with great attention to detail, and I am not just working on your “case”; I am working with YOU and listening to your concerns.

During my work with my clients, I will:

  • Craft a customized goal-oriented approach that delivers peace of mind and confidence about the future.

  • Facilitate grounded, well-informed decisions that achieve long-term goals.

  • Unwind financial estates without unnecessary financial or emotional costs.

  • Keep matters from escalating to cause additional costs and difficulties.

  • Apply creative thinking and ideas from start to finish-to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Three Standard Approaches to Divorce

Traditional: One party files the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and serves the other party with the Petition as this is the litigation-heavy method. With the traditional method, judges precisely follow the statutes and leave little room for creative solutions. The Illinois Supreme Court has placed specific guidelines on the Courts to move divorce cases quickly through the process. I work with my client to clearly understand each facet of the process and do not feel rushed, despite the expedited timelines. I do not believe in litigation just to litigate. Instead, I provide representation that will allow you to maintain your financial resources and provide options and recommendations on what I believe results in the best outcome based on my decades of experience.

Uncontested method: This is a method I have coined the “backward method.” This is where we start the process from the end. Instead of starting your case by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, you and I sit down and work through the terms of your settlement agreements. I draft the necessary documents, and once you and your spouse approve the terms of the settlement agreements, we then file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and finalize the divorce.

Collaborative method: This is a process where you and your spouse sign a contract attesting that you will not litigate and commit to working through the terms of your settlement agreement between the two of you. You now have complete control over your future. Collaborative attorneys will represent both you and your spouse. In addition, there will be other team members to guide you through the process.

Unconventional Methods

Flat-Fee Divorce

My goal for all of my clients is to help you achieve a successful outcome, control divorce costs, and minimize disruption to your life while helping you look toward the future. If you want to eliminate the potential for unforeseen costs in an uncontested divorce, a flat-fee divorce may be an alternative for you and your spouse.

Is a Flat-Fee Divorce Right for Me?

A flat-fee divorce is a fixed-fee divorce option available to divorcing clients who want an amicable resolution and certainty about the costs associated with their divorce. As part of the flat fee process, I will provide you with a detailed agreement allowing you to know how much your divorce will cost upfront, eliminating the risk of incurring unexpected fees or expenses. The flat-fee includes payment of all filing fees.

How Does the Flat-Fee Divorce Process Work?

A flat-fee divorce follows the following course:

  • The first step is to start with a personal consultation where you and I discuss your divorce and answer any questions you have about the process.

  • We then prepare the necessary settlement agreements to reflect you and your spouse’s terms.

  • We then prepare and file your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

  • Once the settlement agreements are approved and signed by you and your spouse, I will then appear in court with you to finalize your divorce.

  • While I cannot guarantee your divorce will occur by a specific date, you can generally expect the entire process to take 30-90 days.

Limited Scope Representation

In recent years, there is a trend for parties to only use an attorney to draft the necessary documents for the divorce. Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement on the terms of your divorce, I can then turn those terms into the documents you need to finalize your divorce. I will not be able to represent both you and your spouse; however, I will guide you through both the maze of documents and the court system.

Dissolution of Marriage Attorney in St. Charles, Illinois

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